Education Abroad

From exposure to new cultures to learning first-hand about other places and people, traveling the world helps you develop your own unique global perspective. Alfred University strives to offer every student, 在每个专业, the opportunity to participate in a high quality study abroad program. You can choose from hundreds of options in 80+ countries including summer, 冬天, semester and year-long options.

Whether you want to go to England or 中国, independently to a university abroad or with a group of Alfred University students and faculty, for two weeks or an academic year...we have a program for you!

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Education abroad is an incredible opportunity to travel, explore and broaden your experience and perspectives while staying on track with your degree.

To experience academics from new perspectives

Coursework is available for all degree paths at Alfred University

To improve your job prospects

International experiences can boost your earning potential, help your career and even inspire your own start-up business! Gain marketable international experience and/or improve your proficiency in a second language. Some other ways that education abroad can help give you a leg up against the competition include:

  • Demonstrating adaptability to employers and graduate schools
  • Making connections for future international travel and/or work
  • Increasing skills in cross-cultural communication, awareness, problem solving and leadership
  • Gaining personal confidence and valuable insights into your own culture

Because it can work with your budget

You have lots of affordable options to choose from! We will help you find a program that works for your budget. As long as the classes you take fulfill degree requirements, you can use your federal, state and institutional aid on over half of our programs. There are also many scholarships available, including need-based, 以业绩为基础的, for certain majors, 地区, student groups 和更多的!

Because it's so much more than studying

Immerse yourself in the local culture while staying on track with your degree. Plus, you will learn and experience so much through daily interactions with your new environment.

Because you don't need to speak another language

You can go abroad to many countries without knowing a second language! 访问 English-speaking countries like Australia, 新西兰, 南非, 爱尔兰, and England OR take classes taught in English in locations like Spain, 丹麦, 中国, 阿根廷, 和更多的!

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